Open Source Development

Open Source Development

With the rise of the use of internet the Open Source development has increased. With more centralized models of developments, concept of concurrent yet different agendas and differing approaches in production.

Delivering open source solutions on an open source platforms using LAMP (Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, PHP/Python) technology and Rich Internet Applications is what our core strength is. As a web development company we constantly keep on updating ourselves and are open to adopting and using new technologies.

Open source development is actually a methodology that creates software products from the design and development to its distribution. Often the developers under GPL i.e. General Public License distribute this free software’s. Though we call these applications as free software but the term free actually refers to the liberty of studying, using and modifying the software by the users. As far as the price is concerned, the software is not free of cost and the charge is usually pretty minimal. Actually this type of application development is an attempt from non-profit organizations.

Open-source principles can be applied to technical areas such as digital communication protocols, Data storage formats, Education, Ethics, Government and many more. Offering open source CMS services is our core strength. Open source applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Sugar CRM etc., rich internet applications are our forte. We always believe on delivering high quality open source solutions, B2B open source solutions, ecommerce website development with establishing and maintaining long-term relationship with clients.

Due to the lower cost of development, license and support; the customization of such software makes uncomfortable the proprietary software owners. There is also a huge scope for integration and open source development as the technology is backed by huge communities and developers with great skills. Faster and scalable are these solutions if they are compared to the proprietary counterparts. Also these solutions offer more stability as they can freely be changed with time and also according to the usability.

Now the question is if the open source development is preferable or not? TWS thinks that these techniques are hassle free and pretty much safer to be used. For the proprietary software the licensing process is pretty tough. These free applications are being upgraded and the result of using them is also pretty satisfying.