Internet and smarter phones have revolutionized our personal lives and work life. Many phone runs on modern day operating systems that ensure smoother user interface and applications that are more graphic. Iphone is one of the most widely used handheld phones in the tele-communications sector. Smart phones have enabled the user go to beyond the … Continue reading “iphone Application”

CMS: why and how? Content management services or CMS as the online web content management services are commonly referred to are handy for almost all businesses that have a website or any kind of web content on the internet. CMS is like a library, where all your content is stored and you can keep track … Continue reading “CMS”

Internet, smarter and faster smart phones, an amazing and efficient operating system along with well designed and custom designed mobile applications are changing and defining our lives in many ways. So many technologies at one place and in such small devices would have never been thought as possible or envisioned. With the technological changes and … Continue reading “Android Application”

World Wide Web, sounds like three magical words to anyone of us. A click of the mouse and you can see the news in any part of the world. Another click on a website and you can place your order online. One more click and you can book your travel tickets and plan a trip. … Continue reading “Web Developement”

As a kid, I remember always seeing the images and photos in the books rather than reading the text. If I liked the images, I would buy the book or rather insist on my parents to buy it for me. Years later, even today, an appealing image or photo draws me to the books. A … Continue reading “Graphic Design”

Being an avid online shopper, I wonder at times how the completely online shopping experience is such a blessing and convenience. Businesses have given us the choice to shop while we sit at home, while highly customized options on their websites when we make a purchase. I can compare products, see the measurements if I … Continue reading “E Commerce”