Internet, smarter and faster smart phones, an amazing and efficient operating system along with well designed and custom designed mobile applications are changing and defining our lives in many ways. So many technologies at one place and in such small devices would have never been thought as possible or envisioned. With the technological changes and progress, mobile applications have changed the way we work, connect and manage our personal and professional lives in an unprecedented way. As a person who owns a smart phone, I any day would swear by Androids’ operating system- Android. Android has taken the market by a storm with its smarter and faster applications designed for its phones.

Some of the features of Android applications that have me hooked as discussed herein.

  • Android applications are more user centric, easy to use and don’t take much storage space
  • Run faster on phones with smaller processors
  • Ability to sync your applications and work across the mobile devices which are android based
  • You can download applications from your Google account to your phone
  • Safety and security concerns are taken care off

If you have an android-based phone, you will have access to millions of applications, which can work for you to take care of various needs, be it from managing your fuel calculations or managing your expenses and income.

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